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Representative Advocacy
No Competition
Throughout the year, the League is extremely busy representing the interests of all local governments before the executive and administrative branches of state government and numerous state boards and legislative commissions.

The breadth of the League's advocacy role is almost unparalleled when compared to the role of other municipal associations throughout the country. The primary reason for this is that the Rhode Island League has no competition in representing the interests of local governments. In virtually every other state, the municipal league competes with professionally-staffed county government associations, councils of governments, mayor's associations, select-men's associations, or collaboratives of numerous "special" local interests. Some of these competing groups or associations are entirely independent in their activities from the activities of their state municipal association. The Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns has no such competition!

Aggressive Approach, Big Rewards
The extensiveness of the League's role in representative advocacy was brought about by the League's historical aggressiveness in lobbying for a seat "at the table" of any forum to enable it to express its voice in any policy matter or decision-making process, which would in any manner affect local government. The League's aggressiveness in this regard, coupled with the aforementioned fact that there are no competing groups demanding similar access, has resulted in its having a voice in virtually every conceivable forum where the issues and matters, which are of vital interest to local government officials, are discussed, debated, and resolved.

Some of these boards and commissions have included:
  • Disability Committee, Rhode Island State Retirement Board
  • Grow Smart Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island Aqua Fund Council
  • Rhode Island Commission on Police Officers Training
  • Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Commission
  • Rhode Island Rivers Council
  • Rhode Island State Investment Commission
  • Rhode Island State Labor Relations Board
  • Rhode Island State Planning Council
  • Rhode Island State Retirement Board
  • Rhode Island Vehicle Value Commission
  • State Emergency Response Commission

Contact Information
For more information on representative advocacy, please contact the League by calling (401) 272-3434.