2023 Legislative Activity


  • Letter to Governor McKee on FY 2024 Budget (11.28.22) (LTR)
  • Letter to Governor McKee on Adjusted FY23 Budget (12.16.22) (LTR)
  • League Analysis of Governor’s FY 2024 Budget (1.23.23) (PDF)

Legislative Testimony/Communications 

  • On the Main Street Streetscape Program (House Finance, 2/16/23, H5200 - Article 7; Senate Finance, 3/2/23, H5200 - Article 7) (PDF)
  • On Education and School Housing Aid in the FY 2024 Budget (House Finance, 3/1/23, H5200 - Article 8) (PDF)

  • In Opposition to Contract Continuation for Police and Fire (House Labor, 3/1/23, H5182 & H5183) (PDF)

  • In Opposition to Expansion of Binding Arbitration (House Labor, 3.1.23, H5180) (PDF)

  • On the Posting of Pending Municipal Lawsuits (House Municipal Government, 2/16/23, H5260) (PDF
  • On the Modification of Abutter Notifications (House Municipal Government, 2/16/23, H5261) (PDF)
  • On Extending the Expiration Date of the Land Use Commission (House Municipal Government, 2/8/23, H5231) (PDF)

  • Regarding the Outdoor Dining Act (House Small Business, 2/8/23, H5264) (PDF) 

  • Regarding Amendments to the Open Meetings Act (House State Government, 2/7/23, H5184) (PDF)