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WorkshopSeminar or Workshop

If your organization wishes to conduct a seminar or workshop at our 21st Annual Convention on January 28, 2021, you must complete the workshop interest form and submit it by October 16, 2020. A confirmation will be sent to all accepted proposals.

Last year, 20 organizations sponsored highly informative seminars and workshops for convention attendees. Workshop topics represented a wide variety of interests, ranging from third party platform code enforcement issues to LEAN management for municipalities and even included a panel discussion on healthy housing.

Over 700 attendees from all levels and departments of municipal government attended our 2019 convention and this year we expect attendance to be even greater. We would love to have your company / association participate in this exciting event!

We invite your organization to submit a workshop/seminar proposal for the 2020 Annual Convention. 


Based on survey data from our membership, the most well-received presentations are those that are collaborative and include a panel representative who can offer a municipal perspective. This year, we are soliciting presentations on innovative ideas and programs around the following topics (or another area relevant to municipal government):

Laws & Compliance: Rhode Island laws or regulations affecting municipalities (Open Meetings, Ethics, Access to Public Records, ADA compliance, state aid, etc.), including any recent changes

Budgeting & Finance: Best practices, long-term forecasting and planning, public engagement

Purchasing: Compliance with state laws, purchasing consortia, model RFPs, collaboration with other communities

General Management: Employee engagement and supervision, succession planning; meeting management

Labor Issues: Grievance and arbitration processes, case studies/best practices

Innovation: Information technology, shared services, process improvement, social media

Hot Topics: Other timely issues on Rhode Island public affairs relevant to cities and towns (marijuana, economic development, housing, etc.)

General Information

Submissions are competitive, and unfortunately not every proposal can be granted a slot in the program. Selections are determined by applicability to membership interests, uniqueness of content, and speaker/panel expertise. Organizations are encouraged to submit a proposal that highlights an informative and timely topic as well as the benefits for the intended audience. Please visit the workshop form on our website ( to submit your proposal electronically no later than October 25, 2019. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

Each workshop should last 75 minutes in duration. Workshop sessions will be scheduled to take place at each of the following times:

*9:45 am             *11:45 am              *2:30 pm

Please respond by by completing the online workshop interest form by October 16, 2020 if your organization is interested in putting on a workshop at the convention. All workshops will be reviewed and selected at the League’s discretion.

Please feel free to call the League’s office if you have any questions at (401) 272-3434.