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2014 Workshop Videos
Ability to Pay: Effectively Making a Community’s Case in Arbitration
As municipalities strive to control operating costs and address unfunded pension liabilities, the stakes in interest arbitration cases are very high.  This panel will provide a lawyer’s and financial expert’s perspective on strategies and examples of how to best prepare and present your community’s ability to pay case during an arbitration hearing.

Speakers include:
  • Bill Fazioli, PFM
  • Vincent Ragosta, Esq., RI Labor Attorney
  • Vijay Kapoor, Director of PFM Workforce Consulting

The National Flood Insurance Program: What Changes are Happening in

Rhode Island 

On July 6, 2012 Congress reauthorized the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and passed the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.  The Act made some overarching changes which have already started to affect NFIP policy holders in the State.  There are currently 16,271 policy holders in Rhode Island covering almost $4 billion in property.  The intent behind the new legislation was to eliminate some artificially low rates and discounts for policy holders which are no longer sustainable.  Simultaneously, there have also been changes in coastal floodplain mapping which have both increased and in some places decreased the number of properties requiring flood insurance, depending upon the area along the coast.  This session covers the details of both the mapping and insurance changes.

Speaker includes:
  • Michelle Burnett, Assistant Chief of Planning, Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency   

5 Things Every City and Town Should Know About Healthcare Reform
This session reviews key issues facing municipalities under the Affordable Care Act, including the employer shared responsibility requirement, what benefits must be included in your plan, and what employees have to do to meet their obligation under the law.

Speaker includes:
  • Monica A. Neronha, Vice President, Legal Services, Deputy General Council, BCBSRI