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2011 Workshop Videos
Collective Bargaining, State Health Insurance Exchanges, & Uniform School Health Insurance Plans
Take a thought-provoking tour of the emerging new landscape for health care and health insurance in terms of how "reform" elements such as state health exchanges and state mandated uniform plan designs for school employees may affect collective bargaining and local finances under various scenarios. 

Speakers include:
  • Tom Dwyer, President and Executive Director, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
  • Ian C. Ridlon, Esq., General Counsel and Director of Legal Services, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
  • Keith R. Demty, Director of Employee Benefits Programs, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust

Retiree Medical & Other Post-Employment Benefits
This session focuses on understanding other post-employment benefits (OPEB) actuarial studies, how OPEB is different than pensions, disclosure of OPEB liabilities, recent SEC action on disclosure, discussions at public meeting, prefunding choices, what other public entities are doing regarding prefunding, and any changes to benefits or eligibility.

Speakers include:
  • William Fazioli, Senior Vice President, First Southwest
  • Brian Whitworth, Senior Vice President, First Southwest
  • Mark A. Dingley, Deputy Treasurer, State of Rhode Island

Rhode Island's Office of Regulatory Reform 
Established in 2010 by an executive order within the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, the Office of Regulatory Reform aims to improve the state's business climate by making it easier for small and mid-sized businesses to deal with state and municipal permitting and regulatory affairs. Learn how this office can: 
  1. Work with state agencies and local municipalities on efforts to streamline permitting processes; 
  2. Intervene in any regulatory or permitting matters to assure the efficient and consistent implementation of rules and regulations and to foster the creation and retention of Rhode Island jobs; and 
  3. Provide direct assistance to incoming and existing Rhode Island businesses in navigating through regulatory systems

Speaker includes:
  • Keith W. Stokes, Executive Director of the RI Economic Development Corporation