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2010 Workshop Videos
Cooperative Purchasing, Green Purchasing & Saving Purchasing Dollars
Cooperative purchasing is a proven way of reducing costs and making the purchasing process more efficient. In today's economic climate, municipalities especially need to use all the tools at their disposal to save money. U.S. Communities can provide another cost saving option for municipalities looking to save money and time.

Speakers include:
  • Alexis Turner, Program Manager

Liability & Insurance Implications

Managing municipal budgets is becoming more difficult during these challenging fiscal times, and there is an increased need to consolidate services in the public sector. As a result, municipalities are looking to each other to share services and equipment. However, the sharing of municipal services creates a set of problems not often faced before by municipalities in the form of increased and shared liability. This educational session will discuss and explore the liability and insurance implications on current initiatives already involving shared services, the creation of joint boards through regionalization, and what it all means to municipalities.

Speakers include: 
  • Thomas E. Dwyer, President Executive Director, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
  • Ian C. Ridlon, Esq., General Counsel, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
  • Paul F. Dutra, Esq., Claims Supervisor, Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust

Ratings 201-S & P's Views on Lessons Learned in the Recession
The past two years have brought change to the capital markets and credit rating agencies. Standard and Poor's employees will share observations on the economy and changes made in criteria for rating Rhode Island municipalities, including the state of the capital markets, the rating scale, general obligation debt rating criteria, and other other post-employment benefits (OPEB).

Moderator and speaker include:
  • Geoffrey Buswick, Managing Director, Standard and Poor's
  • Henry Henderson, Associate Director, Standard and Poor's